Verse of the Sword


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VIGR (formally Green Boar) recorded live at B@1 Records. Rhythm guitar and Vocal over dubs only.


released October 30, 2016

Recorded at B@1 Records
Engineered and Mixed by Trent Ramseyer
Mastered at Baseline Audio Labs
by: Chris Goosman
Produced by VIGR and Trent Ramseyer
Art Work: Manifest Creative Studios
by: Rusty Huber
Photos by: OCFoto's Becky Gold
Written by: Brian Vandiver, Kevin Hebbe, Matt Merrow, Sean Williams, Rick Carles*
Samples on Black Dawn by Trent Ramseyer



all rights reserved


VIGR Orange, California

VIGR means "able to fight" in Ancient Nordic.
"Our sound is like 70's Heavy Rock, with Stoner/Desert Rock influences."- BV
"We jam to write songs... we collaborate and repeat jams so that the songs teach us what to play.”-SW
Established in 2014 As Green Boar and
after a brief hiatus the band changed to VIGR, they started to play out in 2015 and produce their first record with B@1 Records.
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Track Name: Insanity Humanity
Insanity Humanity
Things aren’t the way they're supposed to be
Things aren’t supposed to be this way
There’s too much confusion
their vain illusions
Its all about materials and the greed

Insanity Humanity - I'm going insane

Who is the leader of the pack
The one in charge of the rats
I can’t conceive
there so naive
To believe this reality

Insanity Humanity - Please give us just one more day
Track Name: Road Battle
Road battle
This road we travel, it seems so hard
This life we battle, it feels so wrong
Been down so long, staring at bottom
Been underground, live in the gutter

So dust yourself off baby we’re in it now
So dust yourself off lady we’re in for a long haul
We’re in for it now

The Road So Cold
Track Name: Thorn In My Side
Thorn in My Side
Seems like you’ve been a thorn in my side
Seems like you’ve been a thorn in my side
Now free the healing can begin
Finally rid of your infection

The ship was sinking, you made it worse
Like a cancer, like a curse
Never understood or even should
The futures bright, never looked so good

Tried to run the race, with dead weight
Cant fix stupid or delusion
I’ve lost my mind so many times
I'm done with that a new chapter
Track Name: Time
Time - waits for no one
Time - stands for no man

I punch in - time time
I punch out - time after time
I clock in - everyday of my life
I clock out - for the pay (for the wage)

Everyday I go to work for the pay
Everyday like a slave for the man for the wage
In the A.M. I awake with hope of change
But everyday, you know, its just the fucking same
Everyday I go to work for the pay
Everyday I'd rather punch the boss in his face
Everyday got to do what it takes to survive
Everyday got to do what it takes to live
Track Name: Lilith
She wanna play with my mind
She wanna mess with my heart
Happens all the time
Should of known right from the start

Like a Vampiress in the night
coming to suck your blood
Like a thief breaking in
coming to steal your soul

Die, just be gone
Die, don’t come around here no more

Like a Succubus in the night
coming to suck you dry
Like Lilith breaking in
coming to steal your all

Ride, I’m leaving this town
I’m never coming back
No regrets, kicking up dust on my path
Never looking back
Sailing on, moving forward
Track Name: Black Dawn
Black Dawn
Black dawn!
No sun came up on that day
Plants die, extinction of the fucking human race
Cold earth, fish float, life chokes
There’s only time, that's left
No hope

Should of tried harder cause now its too late
No sense its tragic, illogic, no thinking
Things got tore up, a cluster fuck
Things are worse now than ever before

Past thoughts, filled with regret
Should of tried a little harder leave a little left
Instead a planet, one big desert
What about the children, the future generations